Thursday, 26 July 2007

Hello Mary Lou - Rick Nelson

Well, [A]hello, Mary Lou,[D] and goodbye heart
Sweet [A]Mary Lou, I'm so in love with [E]you

I [A]knew, Mary Lou, [C#7]we'd never [F#m]part,
So, [B]hello, Mary [E]Lou, and goodbye [A]heart [D] [A]

[A]Passed me by one sunny day,
[D]Flashed those big brown eyes my way
And I [A]knew I wanted you forever [E]more
[A]I'm not one who gets around
[D]Swear my feets stuck the ground
Al[A]though I never [E]did meet you [A]before [D] [A]


Solo as verse

Saw your lips, I heard your voice
Believe me, I just had no choice
Wild horses couldn't make me stay away
Thought about a moon-lit night,
Arms around you good and tight
And that's all I had to see for me to say.


Yes, [B]hello, Mary [E]Lou, and goodbye [A]heart [D] [A]

Well, [B]hello, Mary [E]Lou, and goodbye [A]heart [D] [A]

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